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I am a single parent and I have been for 12 years. I refused to stay in an abusive relationship so I chose to raise my kid alone.

It was a deliberate choice for me because my need to be a mother outweighs my need to be a partner and I will not have it any other way.

I take offense in what you said and your myopic, arrogant and idiotic view of single parents is appalling.

“Na-ano ka lang.”

And what of those whose partner died because of a disease or an accident? What about rape victims? What about those who divorced? Abandonment is another reason why someone is a single parent. And have you forgotten that your brothers have kids outside of marriage?

There are a lot of reasons why someone would choose to raise their child on their own. And if any, they should be lauded because raising a child is not an easy task. It can be overwhelming and emotionally draining. Some would work two jobs just to support their kids and you, a clueless elitist, have no right to make jokes about it.

“It was just a joke.”

You are not in “Eat Bulaga” and this is not one of your “Kalye serye”. You are in a confirmation hearing and that is not the proper forum to make sexist jokes. Hell! There is no proper venue for what you said. For you to bring it up to a hearing and have the audacity to undermine single parents is beyond me.

BUT maybe I/we am/are wrong to expect something from you other than misogyny. We should not be surprised after you victim-shamed a rape victim on national television and lopped off 1Billion Pesos from the RH Bill (that’s 7M women being deprived of RH services). Yes. Maybe we should expect nothing but absolute bullshit from a chauvinist pig.

“I’m sorry you did not get the joke”

Oh I’m sorry, you’re stupid.

Wondering why you’re still senator,

PS. Wrote this on my phone so pardon the grammatical errors if any. I don’t think you’d notice them anyway since you were stupid enough to plagiarize your speech.