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Amboy Hometel: Home away from home

I wanted to book through a travel agency but ended up booking with Amboy’s primarily because they were very responsive and accommodating especially Ms Glaiza and Ms Amboy. I ended up getting the tour from them as well because the “famous guide” in Batanes was not only unresponsive, I felt like I was not getting anywhere with him and his staff.

We enjoyed the tour from Amboy and our tour guide Warren, was very knowledgeable and thoughtful.

Pros: Miss Amboy was very hands-on and everyone was very accommodating. They will really go out of their way to make sure that you are comfortable and that you have everything that you need during your stay.

Cons: Room was newly painted so the stench of new paint was overwhelming. Not to mention that it stained some of our clothes/bags. We did not complain anymore because everyone was so kind and helpful, we did not want to bother them with something as trivial as this.

Limited channels available. Not really an issue but I got sick on our 4th day and just stayed inside our room the whole day. I got bored because of the limited channels available. Just pray you don’t get sick while you’re there.

Toiletries: Available

Wifi: Available only near the admin office, restaurant and the beach in front of the hotel.

Cellular Coverage:
Smart – There are dead spots inside the hotel premises. Data is “E” almost everywhere except in some parts of Sabtang where I got a an “H+”.
Globe – There are dead spots inside the hotel premises. Data is “G” all over Batanes.
Sun – Don’t even think about it!

1. Buy coffee from any of the two sari-sari store just outside the hotel. If you’re a tea drinker, buy a tea from the ‘grocery’ in Basco town. Request for a mug and just make your own coffee/tea. Coffee/Tea all over Batanes is expensive!!
2. Request for a pitcher of water and glasses. They’ll replace these for you every day.
3. Order your breakfast the night before.
4. Beach all over Batanes is rocky so wear water shoes when you’re going to the beach.

Room Tip:¬†Choose a room that’s facing the beach & bring your own tea bags!
  • Value 100%
  • Location 100%
  • Rooms 90%
  • Cleanliness 100%
  • Service 100%

Balay da Blas Pensionne House

Balay de Blas could easily be your home away from home in Ilocos. We stayed in Balay de Blas I’s Deluxe Suite for 2 days. We were surprised when we saw the ‘room’ because it was more like a small house. It has one bedroom, living room, bathroom, dining area, and kitchen. In spite of the heat, the room is surprisingly cool.

Their staff was very accommodating. It was so hot when we arrived and I was not feeling well when we arrived. Using a plastic to hold my vomit was futile and I managed to get some of it on the sheets but they replaced it as soon as I was able to get up.

The food was great. They also own Saramsam, which is one of the best restaurants in Laoag. So don’t be surprised if you find that the hotel’s menu is the same as the one in Saramsam. They are actually going to move the restaurant beside Balay De Blas II.

We had to extend our stay and we were transferred to Balay de Blas II. The room is big and clean but there was no refrigerator.


  • Value 100%
  • Location 100%
  • Rooms 100%
  • Cleanliness 100%
  • Service 100%

View Park Hotel Tagaytay

I booked a room in Agoda just minutes before we arrived at the hotel. When we got there, the first thing that I noticed is that the parking space is really small. It was also raining when we got there and it’s a bit disappointing because no one bothered to give us umbrellas. The front desk and the waiting area is pretty small as well but it was ok though.

We got room 202 and we were surprised because there was already someone there. Apparently, they were supposed to be in room 102 or 101. Question is, how did they open room 202? My bf had to ask the bell boy 2x if they were sure that the other visitor won’t be able to open our room. I was also concerned because their things were still inside the room and they already brought our stuff inside. The other visitor was already becoming agitated which is understandable because their things were still inside. The issue was sorted in less than 5 minutes though but it was still pretty annoying.

The place is new but there were already small patches of molds on the ceiling. We got the premium package but it was disappointing because the room was pretty small. There was a tv, DVD player, an empty refrigerator, 2 complimentary bottled water, and toiletries. There was no free coffee or tea. There was also no hair dryer and wifi access which is different from what was advertised. The bathroom is roomy but there was no shower curtain and bidet. My daughter was pretty pissed that there was no bidet! Anyway if you’re not very particular with toilets then I’m sure you’ll like the bathroom. I did not like it because the toilet was beside the sink and I like the lever type of flush as opposed to the inlet type. It’s a bit difficult to flush especially since the toilet is below the sinks’ tabletop.

The room doesn’t have a lot of lights but it’s ok because we’re just sleeping there anyway. In the morning you just have to open the curtains of the balcony if you need more light.

There is no view. If you want to have a view of Taal Lake you’re in the wrong hotel.

Breakfast serving is small and the taste is nothing spectacular.

When we checked out my bf noticed that our car has a scratch on the back. We reported it to the front desk but they said they’re not liable. I was pretty pissed but since it was already 11, we just checked out and left.

Overall, the place is ok but I wouldn’t stay here again.


  • Value 40%
  • Location 60%
  • Rooms 60%
  • Cleanliness 60%
  • Service 60%