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Symptoms since Sunday:

  1. Palpitating with intermittent chest pain
  2. With migraine last Monday
  3. Extremities are cold with tingling sensation on the hands, feet and shoulders. Not numb just cold and tingling.
  4. Intermittent stomach pain (I can’t determine where) from 4 to 10 since Sunday
  5. Average pulse rate per hour is 140-146
  6. Tasks as simple as walking a few steps, talking, eating, brushing teeth, etc makes me feel nauseous/dizzy like I would faint any second. Just getting up from the bed makes me feel like heart is beating faster.
  7. In bed the whole day since Sunday except when eating or going to the bathroom. Too tired to do anything.
  8. Lost 3 lbs since Sunday
  9. Hair loss

Friend Dr J- told me to drink iced cold water and to have an ECG.

Referred Dr Mina, Cardio at Manila East.